How To Design A Balanced Bedroom

Our master bedroom sits in the eaves with one aspect and features a chimney breast and an original fireplace. It was a big selling point for the house because of it's size. When we arrived, the room was white and beige, like the rest of the house and really needed an update.


I love the fireplace, and envision it with lots of romantic candles and a big mirror. The window looks big, but doesn't actually let much light into the room due to the tall trees outside of the building. I'd love a room bathed in light but actually for a bedroom, it's ok!


Excuse the blurry iPhone image! Getting the decor right is key for this room, as I've always designed bedroom's for myself and never really taken into account anyone else's taste. Realistically, this is the same for the rest of the house, but the difference is that I'd never designed a living room or kitchen before at all, so it was all new.

My main thought was that the bedroom need to balance masculine and feminine design elements and bedroom furniture, so I started with a colour and raided Pinterest. It also needed to hold all of our stuff - something I am still working on! Lastly, but most importantly, we both had to love it and want to spend time in that room to unwind! Here's my tips on getting the design balance right.


Grey and garnet worked for us because Steve already liked and wore this wine colour, and the dark wall appealed to my inner designer. I wanted to try out doing a dark room like the ones I've seen all over Instagram and Pinterest. Although I have to admit though, I chickened out and haven't gone all out yet, but were'e not done with the room and I want to challenge myself to go dark with the styling.

If you can't find a colour palette you are both happy with then start with a simple black and white, or cream/neutral colour palette and then make suggestions of colour by bringing in accessories. For instance, a colour or patterned bed sheet can bring in colour and can be updated within minutes! The same goes for cushions or a rug!

Below is the moodboard I came up with for our room, I'd love to hear what you think! Has anyone else had problems with getting a balanced bedroom decor?



When moving in together you want to make sure there is plenty of room to store both of your stuff! At the moment half of my clothes live in the guest room, although I am working on a solution to bring them back into our room. Definitely consider what you have and what you can get rid of! Then discuss whether you want separate 'zones' or whether you are happy to combine certain items e.g. cosmetics and jewellery etc.

Our main challenge is our eaves as that can mean hanging storage is limited. My bedroom at my Mum's is also in the eaves so I have some experience with managing low level storage solutions. For now, I plan on using the exposed rails I already own as they will fit within the eaves however going forward I think we can look at a few options, either fitted wardrobes or even moving the room around and building a strategically placed stud wall to create a walk in wardrobe. We'll see!



Is there anything in the space that really bugs you or you partner? Make sure to compromise on that; find creative solutions even if you think nothing can be done.

For instance, the tiles in our fireplace are a feature I feel gives a nod to the age of the property - Steve hates them and wants them out! So, we've had to come up with a solution, which is to keep the tiles (and the value they add!) but cover them up temporarily with boards that I plan to making beautiful and in keeping with the room. You'll have to wait and see what I cover them up with.

I have started the redecoration on this room, by choosing a grey. This was not as easy as first thought and we've ended up spontaneously buying a colour for the wall - which I actually don't like...we're still learning and I am going to stick with the colour for now, although I might change it in the future.