How To Make A Home Office & Relaxing Guest Room

The shape and size of the guest bedroom at Number One was a massive selling point as it is big enough to create two important zones - the guest bedroom and the home office. Having a work space outside of the master bedroom was really important to me as I often work at home on my freelance graphics, calligraphy and of course write this blog.

Working from my bedroom meant I was never really unwinding before I tried to go to sleep. It was also really important for me to have somewhere that friends and family could come and stay in comfort; I wanted to create a home away from home or better yet boutique hotel style space, so I kept to the following 'rules'. I'd love to hear how you make the most of your guest room over on Facebook - so click here to join the fun and be sure to like the page so we can share updates.


1. Create Zones

The first step to creating a boutique hotel feel, is to create zones. Each area should have it specific purpose, sleeping or working or getting ready for example. Consider the layout of the room empty to help you decide where each zone should go; by placing the work ares near the window, I have ensured I’ll be working in an areas with lots of natural light as well as being near the radiator as I normally run cold. The bed can act as a divider to the room, surrounded by bed side tables and then if you have space create a separate dressing area as this will feel super luxurious for guests.

The top image is an initial drawing I sketched, thinking about the home office zone of the room. Not sure if it will look like this in it’s final form but it certainly got my creative juices flowing for the space and also guided me on a subtle theme for the room, based on the environment I prefer to work in.

2. Clear The Clutter

Try to let this room sing through it’s ability to store all the items you need/love/want but aren’t sure what to do with, BUT (<< big but there!) in a way that is clutter free and so relaxing to be in. Unfortunately, this type of room lends itself to becoming the certified dumping ground of your house; the room that you can shut the door and forget about. I am already a victim of this and certainly need to practice what I preach! The key solution to this never happening, is getting the right storage units for each area.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying storage for the sake of having storage, less furniture often means the room looks elegant and curated and normally storage units are not the prettiest. Under bed storage works really well in guest rooms, and can be used to store clothes for the opposite season, bed linen and towels etc. Obviously the desk area requires storage for stationery, but be clever with the type of storage you choose. Ensure it looks luxe by using unexpected pieces to store items like papers and documents.


3. Make it Inspiring

This room can act as as conversation starter between you and your guests through being the place to store the pieces and knick knack that you love and inspire you. Now this might seem to go against point 1, but these items have to be things that you adore and are beautiful. This will also keep you productive and inspired while working as a glance at something you love can physically trigger positivity-evoking hormones.

Obviously, the overall look and feel of the room is important and in some ways should be neutral in purpose. For instance, studies are often painted in power colours and rich tones however this might not be the best way to provide comfort and relaxation to a guest. My guest room was a room I was given full control over by my partner, and I decided to use the concept of travel as an underlying theme. Hopefully in the below mood board you will capture glimpses of California, Turkey and the Caribbean through the colours, textures and patterns I’ve chosen - let me know what you think!


4. Make Guests Feel at Home

To create a home away from home, try to leave a few drawers for guests to use when they come to stay. If this isn’t possible as a permanent feature of the room, consider clearing a couple of drawers temporarily. Just before guests arrive throw the windows open and fold up towels, placing them at the foot of the bed ready to be used. If you have any spare robes, hang then on the back of the door or over a chair to up the comfort ante. You could go the whole hog, a collect free samples into a box or glass jar and leave it in the room for guests who might have forgotten something.

To change the room from home office to guest room, consider your furniture before purchase. Can you clear the desk and add a mirror for an instant update into a dressing table? How about considering how your office chair looks and whether it can be covered with a throw and add cushions for a more comfortable feel? If you are happy to, buy an already beautiful office chair and simply change it’s position away from the desk so the feeling is not of an office and more a boudoir.

Hopefully some of those ‘rules’ have given you some ideas. I can’t wait to get cracking on this room at Number One and finally getting my ultimate productive and inspiring work space.