Wet Room: Before & After

Relaxing massage, steam room, dip in the pool and a rainfall shower; don’t you just love a trip to a spa? Me too. I can’t promise all of that will appear in this post, wouldn’t that be nice though, but I can guarantee you a pretty epic rainfall shower featured somewhere below.

When we moved into Number One, the boiler took up an epic amount of space. It filled an entire room! We’re pretty sure it was salvaged from somewhere as when it was removed our plumber commented that the bespoke pipe work looked like it was for a block of flats not a Victorian cottage.

The room it was in, tucked away under the stairs, was sold in on the estate agent’s patter as a utility room. Probably because there was also a freestanding washing machine squeezed in there too. When I saw the room, having a utility room in that position seemed odd and I was intrigued to see what our neighbours had done with the space since they mirror our layout. 

Top tip: make friends with the neighbours so you can be nosey AF looking at their place to get more ideas.

It turned out, the neighbours had changed their layout and the room we have, it’s simply a walkway from the kitchen to the hallway for them. That hopefully gives you an indication of how small the space is. Never deterred when I have an idea, we booked in some friendly builders to quote up the cost of installing a wet room instead of the boiler’s Throne Room.

Many an eyebrow was raised at the site of the small room, arched window and ideas we had, but that didn’t deter one builder who’s speciality was, in his words, bloody difficult bathrooms. Zing! We have a winner.

Here's what he had to contend with:

Nice bit of dry rot that had to be treated.

Nice bit of dry rot that had to be treated.

So, as you may have seen from my Instagram we are now the proud owners of a spa-inspired wet room, complete with digital rainfall shower, semi-recessed sink, handsfree flush and black-veined 'marble’ tiles. Pete (our lovely builder, who loves a sing-a-long to the radio) even installed me a cubby in the shower area and a mirrored unit above the sink to keep the loo roll dry. You can decide after seeing what he achieved but I think he might be an actual angel…



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Built by Pete Stone

Tiles by British Ceramic Tiles* with grey grout

Digital Shower System by Mira*

Tap, Shower Heads, Push Plug by Homary

I'd love to know what you think and what you would have done with space, in the meantime I am going to head off for a spa-shower...and relax...